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Mycorrhizae Imprint Technology

Mycorrhizal fungi and plants establish a mutualistic relationship that is present in plants that thrive in various environmental situations all over the world. Approximately 95% of plants are dependent on fungi and benefit from the mutualistic relationship. Mycorrhizae can be divided into a number of groups depending on their physical traits and associations with particular plants. Endomycorrhizae, ectomycorrhizae, and the specialist fungus ericoid mycorrhizae are the three primary and most prevalent kinds of mycorrhizae. With the different variations, it is crucial to choose the right mycorrhizae for best results.

Mycorrhizae Categories

Endomycorrhizae Spores and Mycelium

ENDO 4 - Mycorrhizae

Colonized Roots Stained Blue

Mycorrhizae, Root inoculant, ENDO 4

Vesicles in Root

Mycorrhizae, Root inoculant, ENDO 4

Mycorrhizae Hyphae in Root

Mycorrhizae, Root inoculant, ENDO 4

Arbuscle in Root


Mycorrhizae Imprint Technology

Smart Microbes MYCORE™ Imprint Technology increases the pervasiveness of fungal hyphae to efficiently colonize plant root cells, creating a superior root network that promotes the plant’s overall performance and coexistence in its ecological community by amplifying soil microbes interactivity, the plant’s access to nutrients, and providing protection against stress and pathogens. MYCORE™ creates an ideally productive plant throughout each stage of its lifecycle.

Advancing Mycorrhizae Production

Smart Microbes has developed the avant-garde of in-vitro mycorrhizae production. In contrast to more traditional mycorrhizae production, our technology uses a highly sophisticated in-vitro system to mass manufacture mycorrhizae fungal species in their purest state while maintaining the fungi's integrity and viability. Our technology enables us to produce and manufacture mycorrhizae fungal species in-house, which eliminates outsourcing. We have complete control over the quality and are able to quickly and efficiently mass-produce high volumes in a short amount of time.


Endomycorrhizae is the most common type of mycorrhizae fungi and accounts for 85% of the symbiotic relationships with plants in the world. Smart Microbes’ strong focus on enhancing the fungi’s benefits to agriculture was a crucial part of our developmental process wherein we successfully developed seven Endo species of mycorrhizae with a proprietary in-vitro production system to mass produce each species in product formulations of granular powder and liquid. Our technology is unparalled in producing the purest forms of mycorrhizae without contamination and upholding the viability of the fungi species.



Ectomycorrhizae are the second most prevalent and diverse group of mycorrhizae fungi, which was a pivotal factor in our development of ten varying species of this particular fungi because they have at least 10% association with plant species on earth and form symbioses not only with conifers and hardwood trees such as beech, birch, oaks, firs, hemlock, pines, spruce, eucalyptus, and hazelnut but also with truffles, an edible fungi produced by a type of ectomycorrhizae.

Ericoid Mycorrhizae

Our advanced mycorrhizae technology has given us the advantage to develop proprietary product formulations, which includes the highly specialized Ericoid mycorrhizae which are specific to Ericales. Ericoid mycorrhizae colonizes plant root families of Empetraceae, Epicridaceae, and Ericaceae plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Blueberry, Cranberry, Camellias, Heather, Kalmia and Vacinum.