At Smart Microbes we are dedicated to achieving a greener environment, which is why our focus is on Research and Development , and the production of natural, eco-friendly bio-products as an alternative to synthetic chemicals for the sustainability of soil and plant life.


Our aim is to provide the world with natural, eco-friendly biological products that are a vital and living part of our valuable soil resource, and encourages a healthy balanced plant growth. 

Our biotechnology advancement help us to develop commercial Invitro mycorrhizae, biopesticides and biostimulants, including our unique and proprietary beneficial bacterial and fungal (microbial) biofertilizer production for agricultural sectors, greenhouse production systems, and manufacturers effectuate environmentally-responsible solutions.

Our company’s manufacturing and laboratory facility is based in Sacramento, California where all our products are manufactured on-site. This enables us to have control over our technological and bio-manufacturing process to ensure quality, quantity and optimal viability of our products.

Our biotechnology processes use our proprietary mass production system to produce mycorrhizae (Endomycorrhizae, Ectomycorrhizae and Ericoid mycorrhizae), the fermentation and formulation of microbial biostimulant and biofertilizers with the capacity of 2000-3000 MT, including smaller capacity of 200 litres, and our innovative production technology for biopesticides.

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