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The nutritional and biological condition of agricultural soils is continuously deteriorating, creating an imbalance that affects plant development and productivity. To solve this problem, chemical or synthetic fertilizers are used to boost plant output; however, this strategy has a number of negative effects, including changes to the ecology of the soil, negative effects on the environment, and health risks. As a result, the use of biofertilizers is becoming increasingly popular as agriculture transitions to more sustainable practices for plant growth and productivity. Despite rising demand, there remain limitations in product development, manufacture, and availability of biofertilizers.

Technology Insight

One of the key challenges with the growing demand for biofertilizer is production scalability, which does not preserve the integrity or survival of the microbes needed to formulate a quality biofertilizer that will effectively suite the needs of farmers. Seeing the need for better agricultural practices, Smart Microbes has utilized our vast knowledge of microbes to develop leading-edge Mass Microbial and Fermentation Technology capable of scaling microbial production in large quantities without hindering the performance of the microbes in biofertilizers.

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