Our speciality mycorrhizae fungi is plant specific to the Ericaceae family of plants.

Our advanced mycorrhizae technology has given us the advantage to develop proprietary product formulations, which includes the most specific type of mycorrhizae known as the  Ericoid mycorrhizae. This particular mycorrhizae fungi is limited to hosts belonging to the  Ericaceae family of plants and colonizes plant root families of Empetraceae, Epicridaceae, and Ericaceae plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Blueberry, Cranberry, Camellias, Heather, Kalmia and Vacinum.

Ericoid mycorrhizae is the term used to describe the symbiosis relationship between the Ericaceae family of plants and several linages of mycorrhizae fungi. The relationship is formed when the mycorrhizae fungi colonizes the fine hair like roots of Ericaceae plants by forming a hyphen system outside the roots, then penetrates the walls of the cortical cells to form intracellular coils without entering the plant cell plasma membrane. This helps to obtain water and nutrients needed by the plants.


We are the only company in the US to produce Ericoid mycorrhizae. Currently, there is no product on the market containing a viable source of ericoid mycorrhizae or encompasses the growth and development of Ericaceae family of plants.  For example,  US is the largest producers of blueberries with and estimated 690 million pounds cultivated every year, however, there is a lack of natural products catering to the blueberry sectors, or other sectors of Ericaceae plants.

At Plant Life Innovative Technologies we have formulated the proprietary product, Erico-Boost containing the highly specific ericoid mycorrhizae fungi. Our product provides viable source to fulfill the market demand by the blueberry sector and Ericaceae growers to help their crops get the best possible growing advantage. 

Our Erico-Boost is formulated in powder and liquid making it versatile and usable in varying environments from nurseries to horticulture. Erico-Boost will help reduce fertilizer consumption cost and help maintain nutrients levels that will not limit productivity. It improves plants establishment and survival, while influencing growth and nutrients uptake.


  • Decreases production time.
  • Increase marketability, plants will aesthetically look  healthier.
  • Improves soil quality and characteristic.
  • Cost effect for high-output and low input crop production.



  • Improve ability to get nutrients and water uptake from the soil.
  • Help in reducing transplant shock.
  • Healthier and denser root systems for better plant growth and better yields.
  • Help plants survive harsh soil conditions.

Interested in our Erico-Boost?

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